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Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness open doors to their tranquil beach house
When Hugh Jackman and his artist wife Deborra-Lee Furness decided to build their dream home, it ended up being a project six years in the making.

Furness knew she wanted a minimal, modern beach house to share with her husband, their two children and two dogs -- a home inspired by the pair's travels across the world. The resulting oasis, built largely from scratch in East Hampton, New York, comes with an infinity pool, gym, art studio, movie screening room and endless views over the ocean.

Opening the doors to the tranquil home for the December issue of Architectural Digest magazine, Furness recounted the couple's long search for a place to fulfil her "lifelong dream" of building a house.
"I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe," she is quoted as saying. "I spent years looking for a space, but then a girlfriend told me about this property. We had rented down the street, so we knew the area. And it is right on the bay. The water was so still, and I loved the feeling."

Once they had secured the property, which was then just "a little artist's shack," the couple turned to architect Viola Rouhani and interior designer Eleanor Donnelly -- who Furness met at a party thrown by Calvin Klein -- to bring their vision to life.

"It had good bones, but it was from the '70s, and it was all stone tiles," Furness said, describing the structure prior to its renovation. "I thought, 'Oh, my God, how can I transform this without pulling it down?'"
The 'Black Shack'

The outdated fittings have since been scrubbed from the home, which now features calming pale wood interiors, a marble-effect kitchen island and bathroom, and a contrasting stark black exterior that stands out against the landscape. Furness said the family calls it the "Black Shack," adding that the lack of color throughout the space was intentional.

"The house is very monochromatic," she told the magazine. "I do not do primary colors. I can't do primary colors."

She also described the design layout, which sees a kitchen situated in the middle of the living room, as "unusual."

Jackman meanwhile called his wife's eye for design "extraordinary."
"I was at almost every meeting over five years," he told Architectural Digest. "I felt I would know what it would feel like to walk in for the first time.

"I was wrong. The home so far exceeded my expectations. I didn't realize what Deb created was not only beautiful but warm. Even now, when I walk in the door, it gives me a feeling of calm."

Furness created calming spaces throughout the home, from a bathtub gazing out over the horizon to a living room spot she called the "look-out-to-the-sea, pondering-your-own-navel moment(s)." (She explained, "Hugh and I are complete backgammonophiles, so the backgammon set lives there.")

Amid the minimal design touches are a few surprises, including an LED kaleidoscopic artwork by James Turrell that shines into the lounge and a dizzying optical illusion wall, complete with a curiously shaped urinal, in one of the bathrooms.

"I love that we use every room, every day," Jackman said. "Because of Deb's design, it brings us all together. When you have time off, you want to be a unit.

"It's such a magical thing," Furness added. "I know it's an extravagance, but the house has got what we need."




为《建筑文摘》杂志 12 月刊打开通往宁静家园的大门,弗内斯讲述了这对夫妇长期以来一直在寻找一个地方来实现她建造房屋的“终生梦想”。

“我有点害怕承诺,”她被引述说。 “我花了几年的时间寻找一个空间,但后来一个女朋友告诉我这处房产。我们在街上租房,所以我们知道这个地区。它就在海湾上。水很平静,我喜欢这里感觉。”

一旦他们获得了当时只是“一个小艺术家的小屋”的财产,这对夫妇就求助于建筑师 Viola Rouhani 和室内设计师 Eleanor Donnelly——弗内斯在 Calvin Klein 举办的派对上遇到了他们——将他们的愿景变为现实.

“它的骨架很好,但它是 70 年代的,而且都是石砖,”弗内斯在描述翻新前的结构时说。 “我想,'哦,我的上帝,我怎么能在不拉下它的情况下改变它?'”



“房子非常单色,”她告诉杂志。 “我不做原色。我不能做原色。”


“五年来,我几乎参加了每一次会议,”他告诉《建筑文摘》。 “我觉得我会知道第一次走进去是什么感觉。


Furness 为整个家庭创造了平静的空间,从凝视地平线的浴缸到她称之为“眺望大海,思考自己的肚脐时刻”的客厅。 (她解释说,“休和我是完全的步步高爱好者,所以步步高就住在那里。”)

在简约的设计风格中,还有一些惊喜,包括詹姆斯·特瑞尔 (James Turrell) 的 LED 万花筒艺术品,它照亮了休息室,以及一间浴室中令人眼花缭乱的错觉墙,配有形状奇特的小便池。

“我喜欢我们每天都使用每个房间,”杰克曼说。 “因为Deb的设计,它把我们聚集在一起。当你有时间休息时,你想成为一个整体。

“这是一件非常神奇的事情,”弗内斯补充道。 “我知道这很奢侈,但房子有我们需要的东西。”

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